5 Simple Ideas for Boosting Business Lead Generation

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Looking for creative lead generation ideas for your business? You’re in the right place. No business can survive without a solid lead generation strategy in place. Business lead generation is basically finding out who needs your product most and what are the easiest ways to reach these people.

Here are 5 proven ideas to help you take your business lead generation strategy off the ground.

1. Create a winning inbound marketing strategy

In a recent survey by HubSpot, 64% of marketers reported inbound as their best source of qualified leads. Inbound marketing is a foolproof way for increasing the online footprint of your brand and building its status in your niche. If there isn’t enough high quality content, you can be the first one to provide it to your target.

Here’s how you build a winning inbound marketing strategy:

  • Research your target;
  • Learn more about the language they use, content they enjoy, and pains they deal with;
  • Create content which is targeted at their needs.

2. Establish a referral program

Your existing clients can become a powerful lead generation channel. But how do you motivate them to share your product with their networks?

Here are some tips for creating a referral program aimed at business lead generation:

  • Connect with your client on LinkedIn;
  • Browse their connections;
  • Once you spot some ideal customers, ask your client for an introduction;
  • Keep it light. That’s how you avoid risking your business relations.

3. Go for direct outreach

When it comes to reaching out to your prospects, you can basically resort to two strategies: cold calling or emailing. In my experience, cold emailing campaigns are just perfect for lead generation. You get to build a subscriber list which becomes a great asset to your business. When emailing your clients, you can create personalized messages and build trust over time. Any interaction that happens here is an opportunity to build a business relationship.

To top it all, cold emailing is easy to automate. You can segment workflows and easily measure the performance of your campaign.

Reach out to RightHello for more advice on how to make your cold emailing work.

4. Network your way into leads

Networking is a fantastic lead generation strategy. And the best occasion for growing your network are industry events and meetings.

But how to avoid wasting time during conferences and actually get new leads? Here’s how I made networking events work for me:

  • I set a goal for my networking strategy and choose events where I know my target customers will be present;
  • I confirm that these people will be there by checking the list of attendees or the Facebook event page;
  • I prepare a list of people I want to meet;
  • I try to set up meetings with them at least 3 weeks before the event;>
  • I always, always follow up.

5. Rely on local PR

Business lead generation could be about targeting clients locally. That’s why a local PR campaign can become a powerful tool for generating leads. Have a local newspaper write an article about your company or support a local event. It’s bound to give a serious boost to inbound marketing. But ultimately, local PR is about brand exposure.

Business lead generation isn’t black magic. Make a good use of these 5 creative ideas and you’re bound to generate a steady stream of leads to keep your business afloat.

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