How to find your perfect target audience?

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One of the most important advantages of outbound marketing is the fact that you’re able to contact specific companies from your perfect target audience. Because of that, lots of companies start using outbound to gain really hot and valuable leads. Nevertheless, sometimes this advantage might cause a headache when you don’t know what is your exact target group.

Some of our clients, asked about the perfect target audience told us something like: “companies which can spend lots of money on marketing” or “big companies from Europe which need software development”. Unfortunately, outbound marketing doesn’t work like this -such descriptions are too general. You should gather as much (and deep) information as you can about your most valuable clients.

The easiest way to check your target audience is to look at your current clients. You notice what type of clients you’re working with, where are they from, what is the size of those companies, etc. If you don’t collect such information in your CRM (or you don’t have the aggregation functions), check below how to find them using Leadonardo.

Basically, what you have to do is just download domains of your current clients from your CRM and load it into Leadonardo to see the whole segmentation of your clients.

Step 1: Upload the list of domains of your clients

Step 2:
Look at the filters to check the most popular segments of your customers:

Now you can see the basic information about your clients. Thanks that you can easily find more companies from those segments and start reaching them out. The only thing you need to do is to pick the filters and delete the “Custom domains”.

This way you receive the list of companies that are similar to your current clients. Pick up the best ones and start the conversation with them. Don’t forget to mention that you have experience in working with brands from those segments (if it’s possible, it’s good to mention the names of your clients or link your case study in your email content).

This was a brief tutorial on how to find information about your target audiences even if your CRM has some missing data. Of course you can test it for free setting up your trial account:

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