How to calculate potential revenue growth from 1 cold emailing campaign

The principle “if you can't measure it, you can't manage it” is upright for sales and marketing more than for anything else in business. Here data is your trump card. The more you know, the better decisions you are able to take, the better processes you can build.

Though during this data-driven race, it's easy to get lost i marketing and sales. There are so many tools and solution that we get data from. But what numbers to focus on?

At RightHello we conduct cold emailing campaigns on a daily basis. What we figured out is that traditional metrics for cold emailing aren't enough(Check out how generate email leads). Opened emails don't always convert to leads. And replies don't mean sales revenue. Among all the open rates, response rates, click-through data something as missing. And it is a real value of a cold emailing campaign.

To calculate potential revenue from cold emailing many factors should be considered:

But the trickiest factor isn't so obvious. It's the overall time frame of the campaign. You see, cold emailing, even though it's one of the fastest tactics, still needs time to show results . When you send out the first bunch of cold emails, new sales don’t appear in the same month. So if you analyse revenue growth from this tactic within one month only, you won't see the full picture.

Unless you use this tool for calculating potential revenue from cold emailing. We've build it based on our experience of conducting cold emailing campaigns fro more than 500 clients.

What you can use this tool for?

By using this calculator you also can see how to avoid having chaotic lead generation which can put your stable sales and revenue flow at risk. And remember, whereas all the available metrics can blur your vision, keep your sight on the goal that matter - your sales revenue.

If you have any questions about how this tool works, or how to calculate sales revenue growth from cold emailing in your particular case - feel free to chat with our specialist via the livechat on our website. Or request a demo of our full services to see how to achieve the stable sales revenue with less efforts.