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Inbound marketing (content + SEO) is like baking a company-sized pizza with open windows to encourage customers to come to you. But that’s not the only way to seduce customers with savvy pizza marketing. And chances are that baking and opening the windows won’t suffice as the marketing strategy that keeps your business alive. Here’s another thing you can do to get clients.

Pizza email… I mean I show you how get clients by cold emailing

email campaign based on pizza sales

Cold emailing is an outbound marketing strategy that uses email to communicate with clients and get them to:

  • feedback your offer
  • tell you their needs
  • jump on a call with you

It’s the exact opposite of baking a pizza with open windows. You write multiple short emails about your pizza’s biggest benefits. Then you send them straight to inboxes of the most pizza-hungry people you can find. The question is – how can you make sure that those people will respond?

A cold email campaign is exactly like pizza. To get clients you need the right toppings

One email is one piece. But I can contest, and I’m sure you’d agree, one piece is never enough.That’s why you send at least 4 emails (up to 8) if you want to reach someone. Imagine that your emails are several pieces that make up a whole wheel of deliciousness. This way you can give the hungriest people your whole pizza, piece-by-piece, picking various toppings for each piece. Maybe they like olives? Add olives to one piece. Maybe they don’t like cheese? I have a buddy who doesn’t like cheese on pizza. I’m still not sure why we’re friends, but anyways – they might not like cheese either, so make one piece without any of it.

In cold emailing, the toppings become:

  • customer benefits
  • case studies
  • testimonials
  • main offer benefits
  • jokesfeedback from customers
  • copywriting style
  • subtitle

Keep improving choice and quality of toppings to get clients

You can expect great results from cold emailing when you build a smart system of delivery, and you know:

  • who needs your offer
  • how to pitch it
  • when to send it


The main thing you have to do is find 50 new pizza-crazed people every week

>50 is the bottom cut-off if you want your campaign to generate any results at all. Finding real pizza fans and their email addresses is the biggest challenge. Find at least 50 new ones every week, and your campaign will become a smooth email engine that will start generating real business results soon. Here’s a small pizzagram I made to show you what it should look like:

results of companies for clients

The effects build up as you send more emails – as you can see, in week 4 you’re sending 200 emails in total:

  • pink pizzamail #1 to 50 new people
  • (follow up) orange pizzamail #2 to 50 people
  • (follow up) yellow pizzamail #3 to 50 people
  • (follow up) green pizzamail #4 to 50 people

Great results are not super hard to get – sending emails isn’t rocket science! You need to find at least 50 new targeted email contacts every week and start sending your campaign to them. It starts making even more sense when you realise that most responses to cold email campaigns come from follow up emails. And as you keep sending emails and improving your top pings, you’ll see that people start replying – more and more positively. Just like mastering a pizza recipe leads to an increasing customer base, mastering cold emailing will allow you to regularly close profitable deals with new clients. But, just like the perfect pizza – it takes time and smart work to make the perfect email campaign.


Order some pizza and start cold emailing to get clients

Best thing about cold emailing? You need just:

  • 50 new contacts a week
  • nicely written, targeted series of (up to) 8 emails
  • system for sending emails and follow ups

And with that you can just kick back with your laptop, eat pizza, watch tv series and watch the responses that will start flowing in.

Don’t get crazy with the pizza tho, you might get super chubby if you keep eating for at least 4 weeks. That is when your campaign starts generating really solid, positive results.

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