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We regularly contact prospects around the world. Language barriers, different time-zones and cultural differences – there’s a lot to consider. There’s one problem we fixed indefinitely though – sending emails during national holidays.

Is it really a problem?

We sent out a perfectly designed cold e-mail campaign and nothing happened. Poor response rates, which is unusual.

Turns out it was a national holiday in the Netherlands.

We had an idea to check Google calendars for holidays but it didn’t hold for too long. It takes up too much time.

That led us to make a tool to easily check whether you should send emails to prospects, or wait a few days.

Admittedly, it’s not a huge problem. But why sacrifice your email campaign performance, when you can avoid a mishap (like the one above) just by taking a look at the calendar?

Contact your clients at the right time in the 2017

Here’s a spreadsheet where you can see if there are any holidays this or any week (including only working days) in 33 countries (EU, USA, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia).

Data comes from and Google calendars.

A good way to use it would be to check the calendar before you decide when to send emails to prospective clients – more about generating leads from emails.

Check it out – type in the date and see when NOT to email prospects

Let me know if it’s helpful!

calendar with dates of holidays in the 2017

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