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How do you get inbound to start working? You need to know who’s really consuming your content. To test it, you might find that an unconventional approach will be best.

Inbound traffic is precious—maybe too precious to waste. But sometimes the numbers your content generates are meaningless, because you don’t know if you’re reaching your customers. How can you increase your chances of reaching the right people?

Content promo outreach campaign

You can’t control who is drawn by your content online—but you can control who you send it to. Whether through e-mail or social media messaging, you can organise a bit of content promotion as a test. Organise an outreach campaign, with the goal of discovering how a specific customer group receives your content.

Mix campaigns up and experiment

Don’t limit your campaigns to just one group. Try messaging various types of customers that fit your desired profile. Experiment with your e-mails and/or messages. Try different subject lines, icebreakers and pitches for your content. Optimize until you start getting responses and relevant opinions and reactions.

Start building your sales funnel

If you succeed, both your messages and your content hit the spot, you might generate new leads. This can be the start of your outbound sales funnel, if you choose to continue organising outbound campaigns—whether to gauge customer interest, test content or simply pitch a product or service.


Maybe testing content on your inbound traffic is a waste of time, and you might be better of organising an outbound campaign. It’s more precise—you choose whom to approach, and you’re able to generate more accurate data on what appeals to your customers.

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