What is lead generation? What is the process of lead generation?

Lead generation is to obtain potential sales contacts for business purposes. Lead generation process varies between industries, but the overall goal is one – to drive traffic to website, then convert this traffic into quality leads: names, addresses, e-mail addresses and any other contact data of individuals or institutions.

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Marketing channels

The two most obvious marketing channels and source of leads are e-mail and social media. Why? Because every target group uses at least one or both of these two places of distribution. They don’t require huge recources, therefore a successful lead generation for IT is rather a matter of clever approach and a deliberate, thought-through, reapeatable process.

What does it means?

It means that B2B lead generation even in small business and early stage companies (startups) is possible and can be very effective. But as each effective, scalable business requires a steady, scalable stream of incoming leads in a pipeline, it is recommendes to organise sales into a manageable, scalable process from the very start. Draw from our smart tips:

  • Do things that don’t scalefirst
  • As the founder, it’s best that you start sales and the process of generating leads yourself – you will learn loads of important stuff
  • Keep analyzing the clients – both present and potential – in your business
  • Isolate specific groups – niches – that are the best business partners for you
  • Focus on clients from these niches as they are the most valuable ones
  • Give your first clients immense value to make an unique first impression
  • If you screw something up, do everything you can to fix it in order to fend off potential crisis; remember – it’s hard to attract customers, but very easy to lose them
  • Collect all the feedback any way possible – free data for your disposal
  • Don’t waste time, get your first case studies and build your portfolio!

Business won’t growth

OK, but what when your early stage network sales won’t sustain your business’ growth anymore? The best way to keep or even raise your current level of sales is to look for company specialized in leads generation that will share its IT lead generation techniques or to be more precise – its professional support and experience in creating interest in your company’s solutions. Best companies in the field of leads generation are fluent in finding new clients even outside your network and help you to obtain business goals faster.

And when you finally choose a technique for IT lead generation, that fits your business best, know where the leads are and what to do to please your clients, it’s time for next steps:

  • Look for someone to take over the sales side of your business and share what you have learned yourself
  • Start investing in marketing and sales area– sooner or later, it will pay off
  • Consider and compare outbound and inbound marketing tactics and how they can work for you
  • Prepare a strategy with multiple techniques that you’ll be able to implement based on your team’s skills and resources (like IT lead generation software) you have available

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