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Wondering how Daenerys Targaryen managed to return her power and increase number of supporters after loosing everything she had?

There’s no magic in it – just pure marketing.

I am saying that Khaleesi is a lead generation expert. There is already a queue of people who’d like to join her. Her success story is an endless treasury of tips and inspiration for lead generation. Here are just some of tips:

1. Find your DRAGON-factor

What differentiates you from others? Having dragons is the most kick-ass answer, of course (no matter what industry you operate in).

first tip

Dragon-factor in practice

But if getting dragons sounds like a high budget solution, you can simply focus on something you do better/differently than others and make your DRAGON-factor out of it. This can be your unique product, or technology you use, cool design, company’s expertise, customer service and so on.

Once defined, make your DRAGON-factor visible: impressive for potential clients and scary for competitors. Standing out on the market with a unique, true DRAGON-factor will make you shine-bright-like-a-diamond. In other words – it’ll ensure inbound leads flow and ease your outbound strategy.

2. Go overseas

If there is no army (of leads) in your kingdom – go and find them abroad.

second tip

Why not go abroad on a dragon?

Don’t limit yourself with local lead generation only. If you can sell your product/service abroad – increase a scale of lead generation. If you don’t do it – your competitors will, and your business will suck eventually.

Thanks to the Internet, the known world has no limits for us nowadays. There are many ways how you can go global. You can read in more details about it here. No need to have thousands of ships – a laptop with Wi-Fi will be perfectly enough to conquer the digital world.

3. Keep communication personalized

If you want people to listen to you – gain their trust. To do so – don’t let your messages sound strange and generic. Speak the same language as your target customers and adapt to their style of communication.

Get to know your prospects better. Talk to them. Find out their tone of voice and language peculiarities. Use facts you know about your potential clients. Show your appreciation to everyone individually.

Learn from a pro: Daenerys turned Dothraki into her supporters by empowering and appreciating every single person.

third tip

Personalising is caring

4. Nurture your leads

Make sure you understand your target customers’ pains – their core problems, challenges, needs, hard-to-achieve goals and dreams.

Be active online (social media, online support on your website, Quora, Reddit…) and talk to your prospects there. Do research and try to get a clear image of your readers. Then – give them what they want.

In case of Daenerys’ prospects – slavery and lack of safety were their pains. She cared about them – so she set them free and kept them protected (well… she tried very hard at least).

fourth tip

Lead nurturing obviously isn’t so drastic

Your product/service is the main pain killer for your potential customer. But it doesn’t mean you should be indifferent to your audience unless they buy from you. Help to solve their smaller problems for free: with consultations and how-to content. Get more ideas and tips on how to nurture your leads here.

And remember, people like special care and it always pays off.

people around khaleesi

5. Stay authentic

In the world with so many businesses, it’s easy to lose one’s face in the crowd. Don’t let it happen to you.

Authenticity makes your story truthful and builds a special bridge of understanding between you and a potential customer.

Be honest with your audience, don’t be ashamed of who you are, remember your roots – stay loyal to your House. Accept your fuckups (if any). Business cannot be all shiny and glamorous. Making mistakes is a natural part of the process. No need to hide them. Be passionate and confident. If you truly believe in what you do – others will follow you.

fifth tip

Authenticity is hot

6. Keep timing in mind

It’s always a good idea to conduct lead generation campaigns when the need for your product/service is higher. Your efforts might be useless (budget – wasted!) if you don’t understand the buying mood of your audience and hard-sell something they don’t really need now.

So again – learn about the market and your audience to predict the need for your product/service:

  • ice-cream is more popular when it’s hot
  • gyms – after eat-it-all holiday seasons
  • dragons – when freaking scary zombies are coming and only dragon fire can stop them…

sixth tip

7. Fake it till you make it

The earlier you’ll try to generate leads for your business – the better. Feeling like not ready? Most probably you’ll never be.

Daenerys started to generate her army long before her dragons became big and strong. And you can do the same.

seventh tip

Pitching your dragons early is a good strategy

Make a prototype/demo/mockup (depending what you are selling) and show it to potential clients as early as possible. This will help validate your idea, gather valuable feedback for further improvements and… bring leads!

8. Two heads are better than one

Last but not least – even Khaleesi cannot get The Iron Throne without wisdom of her advisors. There should be people nearby who have knowledge, expertise and special abilities that will help you achieve your goals.

In the world of leads, RightHello can be your advisor.

eighth tip

We offer our clients an automated lead generation solution (aka a magic wand) and the expertise of our team (aka The Unsullied) that accompanies you through the process of acquiring new contacts and building an effective lead generation funnel.

We hope you’ve got some inspiration tips from Khaleesi! Next time you catch yourself sitting on the couch with your teddy bear sitting next to you, holding a sandwich in one hand and a beer in the other, watching your favorite GoT characters going through a life-or-death struggle – try to think what other tricks we can learn from them. In the end, if we set magic and tons of blood aside – the line between our worlds becomes pretty thin.

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