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Where do you get your data from?

We rely on openly available information from places like company websites and social media profiles, and we have 12 different sources of data. Our algorithms rigorously evaluate the quality of sourced contacts, and only those that meet our requirements end up in the application.

How quickly will I receive email contacts to the decision makers I pick?

Some of the email contacts will be available immediately in the Accepted Companies tab. Others should become available within 3 hours.

How can I be sure that your data is correct?

Data in the Leadonardo app is 90% correct. If a contact bounces or is otherwise incorrect, we give back the email credit that you used to get it.

Sales Navigator has more companies that fit my target profile than Leadonardo, why is that?

Linkedin is a social media platform where the quality of data depends on what users choose to put in. Because of that, Linkedin can’t control the accuracy of user data. For example, a user can declare employment in a company even if it’s not true. Similarly with company profiles, everybody can create a company profile on Linkedin if they have a separate email domain.

All data goes through a strict process of quality control. We filter out companies and contacts that aren’t real, or went out of business. To give you a better picture – there are over 12.000.000 companies and 100.000.000 contacts in our archives, but our users can browse 2.000.000 companies and 10.000.000 contacts. Thanks to this, you can simply browse potential clients without worrying about whether they’re real, or whether they fit your target profile.

Do you have a partner program?

Sure we do! Do join our partner program, please write an email to this address: support@leadonardo.com, with “Partner program” in the subject line.

Are unused credits moved over to next month?

Yes, all unused credits are moved to the next paid-for billing period.

Trial Account:

How does a trial account work?

During your trial you get access to the whole Leadonardo database, and you can extract 50 email contacts from it for free. The trial is completely free and lasts for 7 days.

What happens when the trial ends?

After the trial is finished, you can choose to upgrade to one of our premium plans (see pricing). All data from your trial account will be there after you choose a new plan.


What is Search?

Search is a combination of specific parameters (filters and keywords), which make up a request to our database. Search settings can be saved so that you can go back to your predefined search anytime.

What is a Group?

Groups are made of companies that you’ve accepted in your Search. You can create separate Groups for different outreach – for example one group for Software Houses, and one for Marketing Agencies. This way you’ll always keep your data tidy, and it will allow you to better personalize your campaigns.

How do keywords work?

In the keyword input field, you can write anything related to your target customers. The more keywords, the bigger your target group will be. If you want to exclude a keyword (ie not receive companies related to it), just add “NOT” in front of it, for instance: NOT agency.

I see many clients that I currently work with in the app. Can I mass exclude them?

Sure! Choose “import excluding domains” and upload the domains of your existing clients. This way they will become excluded from all of your Searches. You can use this way to exclude any type of domains you don’t want to see.

How does Load domains work?

Thanks to Load Domains, you can upload any list of domains to Leadonardo, and enrich it with contact data to people of your choosing. For instance, if you have a list of companies using Magento from SimilarTech, you can upload it to Leadonardo and get contact emails to the people you need to get in touch with.

All “outside” lists can be filtered by country, market and other filters.

I want to search for companies by their names, not domains. Can I do it en masse?

Leadonardo identifies companies by domain, simply because it’s not possible for two companeis to own the same domain – unlike company names. However, company names can be used in your search as keywords. Just include a comma between company names, so that the app knows that they are separate keywords.

At your request, you can also search for companies by tax identification numbers. In order to make this possible, write an email to support@leadonardo.com, and add “Searching by tax identification number” in the subject line.

How does the company recommendation system work?

The recommendation system is currently in MVP stage. We individually turn the system on for each user, and it will start searching for companies similar to the ones you’ve manually accepted before. Recommendations are created based on the profiles, and websites of previously accepted companies.

If you’re interested in turning on the beta recommendation system in your account, write an email to support@leadonardo.com, and add “Recommendation system” in the subject line.

Additional services:

If I give you a name, surname and domain, will you find a contact email?

Yes, but you need 1 credit to receive an email. To get credits, you need to have an active account in our application.

I have very specific target client criteria – will Leadonardo be able to help me?

In most cases – yes, but it depends on how niche your criteria are. Write an email to support@leadonardo.com, and tell us more. To give you an example of how niche target customers we’ve delivered before, some of them were – companies that have a newsletter, companies that are currently recruiting, and companies that link to their mobile app.

Since you’re integrated with Woodpecker.co, do you have a special offer for their product?

Yes, all of our clients that haven’t used Woodpecker.co before, get a free monthly trial of our favorite outreach tool.

Does Leadonardo manage campaigns?

We only provide the app and the data therein. Campaigns are all on you.

Does Leadonardo provide readymade contact lists?

We don’t. We provide the opportunity for you to build your own contact lists in our app.

Have we not answered your question here? Write an email to support@leadonardo.com and ask us anything!

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