Introducing: the RightHello App is now Leadonardo!

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Blog/Introducing: the RightHello App is now Leadonardo!

Over the last few years we were perfecting our app. If you don’t know what it does yet – it automates key prospecting tasks. In other words, it makes it easier to find potential clients.

From the very beginning of RightHello, the tool was our internal secret weapon which we used to provide a high quality service. At a certain point we realised that we want to take the app even further, so we decided to turn it into and independent product and release it as such. After many hours of discussions, implementations and tests, we feel confident releasing this as a Software-as-a-Service product. 

The project has grown beyond our projections, so we had to organise a separate team to focus exclusively on the app. Now it is also becoming its own brand, and it’ll be its own legal entity in no time.

It is with big pride that we present to you, the web app for Sales Reps and Outbound Specialists to find new clients and explore new business opportunities.

How is Leadonardo different from other similar tools?

We’ve been doing outbound marketing for over 5 years now. We know the ins and outs of the market, and we’ve experienced all the issues that outbound can create for companies that want to find new business themselves. Based on this experience, here are some of the solutions we have implemented in Leadonardo:

  • Preselected Database

A clean-up goes off before we share the database with users. It means that you won’t waste time browsing companies that don’t exist anymore.

  • 12 various data sources

Most prospecting tools offer data sourced from Linkedin, but that was never enough for us. Our tool collects potential clients from 12 different sources of contact data.

  • Specific Job Groups

We’ve filtered job titles into specific groups. Now, instead of wondering which job titles fit your ideal target customers, you can just pick a group (Management, Sales, Marketing, HR, Office, etc.).

  • High-level positions

If you’re in sales then you know that if you don’t reach the decision maker, your effort might go to waste. When you do outbound marketing, you know how much time it takes to filter out low-level job titles that don’t have authority to make buying decisions. That’s why we’ve cleaned out our database of all low-level job titles. You won’t waste time digging through interns, students and juniors.

What are we working on right now?

We’re currently implementing a bespoke machine learning algorithm into Leadonardo, which will learn from what you do in the app. The final effect will be such that after you hook your CRM up to Leadonardo, our algorithm will analyse your existing and past customers, and then automatically look for and suggest similar customers to you. No more wasting time on browsing new leads!

We’re also working on a second thing. It is advanced enrichment of existing contact data that you might have. This way, even if you have very little info (for instance only Linkedin profiles of prospective clients), you’ll be able to enrich those contacts with crucial data, like email addresses. All with just one click, regardless of how much data you want to enrich.

If you haven’t tried our app yet, I would like to invite you to do so. You have 7 days to test it out for free, and you get 50 leads of your choosing. Just click -> Leadonardo free trial (no credit card required).

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