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To make your prospecting process easier, we made a few improvements in the Leadonardo.

Updated database

Last week we updated the whole database – it means that you have access to the updated descriptions and other information about the companies. What is more, we deleted lots of inactive domains, so now you can select your clients from 1,7 mln companies and 4,5 mln contacts to the decision-makers.

Information about email and LinkedIn links

At Leadonardo, you can see how soon you receive the email address. If you pick the contact with the blue email icon, it means that the contact will be delivered to you immediately. Otherwise, we start searching for the email address which can take up to 3 hours.  

New Saved Searches

Saved searches are ready-to-use configuration of keywords for the most popular segments. You can narrow your search down using markets, locations, job position, etc.

Based on our clients’ needs, we added new saved searches for:

  • software development  
  • web & mobile development        
  • manufacturing       
  • marketing & advertisement        
  • e-commerce

Let us know if we can help you with creating your own search.

Account & Billing Tab

We gathered information about your plan at the Account & Billing tab. You can find the information about the next payment and current usage of the plan.


We added Messenger to make it easier for you to contact us. It’s available directly from the app as well as the register form and login pages.

New version of Frequently Asked Questions

Based on our clients’ questions, we prepared the new version of the FAQ. You can find information about how we gathered data, how our search works, how to exclude current clients from the list, etc.

Plans and pricing available directly from the website

You can check our plans and pricing directly from the Leadonardo’s website or here.


Any questions? Write to us using support@leadonardo.com or via Messenger!

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