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I got rejected by 93.51% of the prospects I contacted over 6 months. Some didn’t answer at all, some were really kind, some were mean as hell. It’s not easy to handle several rejections each day, but I’ve got some thoughts about making it easier for yourself.

No money, no deal

no money no sales

I often speak to people that seem to be a perfect fit and give the impression of being ready to buy after the first call.

The truth is, most of the time they don’t follow-through. You might start thinking it’s a failure on your part, if you treat them as your client just because of their enthusiasm.

But it’s only a part of the sales process. Remember that as long as there is no cash on the table, anything can happen to the deal, and the person isn’t your client yet. (Read more about handling initial sales calls here)

Untill you hear no, everything you hear is a yes

Rejection will be coming your way almost constantly, but don’t beat yourself up. Not all client objections are a sign of unwillingness to buy. You need to develop a positive mindset.

The way I look at it, every question is a chance to differentiate yourself from competitors, position yourself as a professional and provide value.

The most sceptical people often become the best clients.

Always have a full pipeline

Some guys cry over girls who left them for years. You can’t be one of them if you’re in sales.

Keep your pipeline full of interesting options and just jump to another one soon as you hear a definitive “No” (lern more about sales pipeline metrics).

If you have plenty of opportunities, it will hurt less when some of them don’t work out.

Look at the big picture

Sales is a game of numbers, at the end of the day you’ve had X unsatisfactory calls, Y rejections, Z “cool, but not today” and (if you’re lucky) a signed deal.

Looking from a broader perspective, that’s just the way it is. And if that’s the way it is, you don’t have much control over anyone’s final decisions.

You need to remind yourself not to worry about things you can’t control. What you can do is keep on hustling.

In summary

  • Initial enthusiasm that leads to a “no” is just a part of the sales process

  • Think of client objections as a challenge, the most sceptical people can be the best clients

  • Work on having plenty of opportunities to jump onto after rejections

  • Persistence and hard work will get you signed deals regardless of how often you hear “No”


Be persistent enough to make the numbers work for you, and in the end you’ll be talking to people that can actually benefit from what you’re offering.

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