Limitless opportunities in every industry

Enterprise IT

Searching for contracts to build CRM & ERP systems? Or do you want to focus on their integration? Maybe you want to close bigger deals?

Software House

Looking for potential clients that work with specific technologies?Perhaps you prefer building MVPs for startups? Or are you interested in expanding to a foreign market?

Marketing and Advertising agencies

Are you looking for creative challenges to enrich your portfolio? Want to establish relationships with marketing departments? Or are you planning to go beyond your local market?

Other industries

Want to connect with a new segment of customers? Reaching out to difficult target groups? Or do you want to simply increase the number of your sales meetings?

Email Outreach Package

1,890 EUR
1,590 EUR
1000 contacts
Cold Email Pitch
Cold Email strategy
Email outreach package
2,700 EUR
2,190 EUR
2000 contacts
Cold Email Pitch x2
Cold Email strategy
Email outreach package
4,250 EUR
3,690 EUR
5000 contacts
Cold Email Pitch x3
Cold Email strategy
Email otreach package
Premium service
Ask for individual price
Dedicated Account manager
No limit data points
Email outreach done by us
Iterations and A/B tests
On-demand download of external data lists
Human research and verification of each data point

Cold email pitch crafted for you by experts


Up to 5 emails sequence in two versions

We will prepare for you an email sequence with up to 5 emails (introduction and followups) adjusted for your customer profile. Two versions for A/B tests.


Deep analysis of your communication

During complex interview our copywriting expert will analyse your target audience and Unique Value Proposition in order to craft personalised and powerful email sequence


Adjustment to local e-mail laws in EU, US, Canada and Australia

Our email pitch will be adjusted to anti-spam law in a region you want to reach out to in the way to ask for a consent, add neccesary elements such as unsuscribe link and more.


Copywriting experts with over 40000+ executed cold email campaigns

Our copywriting team created campaigns for over 1000 customers and have deep understanding of how cold mailing works. Our emails get on average 18% response rate and 64% open rate.

500 EUR one-time-fee

Cold email strategy based on data and experience

The where and how is the most important part of ensuring fast results and get the most of your cold emailing efforts.


Audit of your offer and marketing

Our strategists will check your website and marketing materials and provide you will get straightforward suggestions what should be added to ensure better cold email results.


Targeting strategy

Based on your customer base and our experience you will get straight recommendations who to target and where. Locations, Company type, Decision Makers, Tone of Voice.


Cold email execution strategy

Sending out emails is just the beginning, there are things that affects the results such as: outreach time, handling the responses, follow-ups delays and many more. We will suggest you most crucial elements and how to implement them into your company.


Call with a Strategy Expert

Our strategy team has built cold email strategy for over 1000 customers and have deep understanding of various markets and the opportunities they provide. From knowledge about who responds to which email to specifics of each local market.

300 EUR one-time-fee

Email Outreach Set-Up

Make sure your cold emails are delivered straight to your prospects' inbox.


E-mail delivery score tests

We will check whether your domain is ready to cold mailing in order to ensure email deliverabity and avoiding SPAM. We will reccomend and implement solutions that will make your emails spam free.


Email signature

We will optimize your e-mail signature or create a new that that will meet anti-spam requirements and look good.


Email service automation

We will integrate and set up for you a cold email automation software. We will choose the best times and volumes of outreach in order to ensure high deliverability.


90 days of free woodpecker account

Thanks to our parnership with, cold email and emails automation tool, you will get 60 days free of charge account to execute campaign.

500 EUR one-time-fee

Smart B2B Data


Contact database

Gain access to an extensive database of 5 million companies from all over the world. Receive up to date details of decision-makers, generated on a current basis from over 20 sources using machine learning algorithms, fine-tuned to your perfect buyer persona.


Online platform

Use the RightHello app designed for you to select the target companies and search for the perfect target group. Take advantage of the detailed segmentation based on company size, location, industry, technologies, keywords, and more.


External data

Utilize your own database to return to the lost deals or get your current customers engaged. Run efficient emailing campaigns adjusted to your target group and market. Ask for individual price.