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We’ve been quietly working on a special project at the RightHello headquarters. Our goal is to build a SaaS product that will automate the process of contacting potential B2B clients, and make it easy to scale to serve the needs of any size of business.

Years of supporting B2B companies in their outbound marketing efforts has accumulated into experience that allows us to see certain repeating patterns in the market. This is tightly related to technology companies and digital agencies. Those are the companies that have recently started hiring more outbound marketing specialists, or outsourcing the whole process to lead gen agencies.

And we can see that the market is lacking in knowledgeable outbound marketing specialists, as well as in the right tools to make their job easy.

The growing needs for this type of marketing can be seen more clearly when you look at Google Trends. Interest in outbound marketing hasn’t been as high as now since 2009!

We noticed a few regularities that occur in companies that decide to hire Outbound Marketing Specialists, and they are:

  1. 25% of specialists are wasting time on simple, repeatable tasks that can be automated. People who never ran outbound campaigns at scale might not realise how much time it takes to prepare data for outreach.
  2. 50% of the specialists’ time is spent looking for new sales contacts (prospecting), meaning that they’re looking for new contact data or verifying previously bought / mined data.
  3. The final 25% of time is spent analyzing and drawing conclusions from data, and improving the strategy.

The most striking thing is that three quarters of the specialists’ resources are spent on repeatable tasks that don’t contribute anything to the end results of the campaigns. In situations that resemble this scenario, companies can improve outbound campaign results only by increasing the size of their team (which makes it necessary to spend time managing a larger team), or constantly outsourcing.

Continuous cooperation with Outbound Marketing Specialists has allowed us to make their work faster and more efficient by automating repeatable tasks that took too much time. We’ve also prepared plans for further development of our application.

Over time we’ve introduced features that streamline Outbound Marketing tasks, like:

  • Automatically dividing prospects by gender
  • Automatically applying small changes to names when necessary
  • Fixing company names (often when data was exported, what ended up in the email wasn’t the full, correct company name and it had to be manually checked and fixed)
  • Enriching contacts with new data points (contacts are enriched with points like localisation data, size of company, industry, essential keywords, email address and Linkedin profile)
  • Segmenting data with filters (like founding year, keywords, technologies used, job position, company size, industry, localisation)
  • Integration with sending tool (Woodpecker.co), emails can be connected with pre-configured campaigns in the tool you use to send your campaigns
  • Real-time domain exclusion, which means that no matter how many contacts you import, the application will always exclude the contacts that you don’t want in your campaigns
  • Default Linkedin profile and email address connection, so it’s no longer necessary to fill out this information manually

All of this improvements might seem miniscule, but put together they can literally save hours of time that would otherwise be spent on manual, repetitive, extremely boring tasks. The time spent looking for new contacts is additionally shortened thanks to newly implemented search filters.

Of course we don’t want to stop here – we listen to our clients, and our backlog of features to add consists of things like:

  • Automatic analysis of campaign results and recommendation of companies that are similar to those that responded positively: after you run a campaign, the system will show you which companies it would be best to approach next
  • Two-channel campaign management: if a prospect replies on LinkedIn, then the app will stop sending emails to them
  • Recommending second contact person in prospect company: if we don’t get an answer after a series of follow-up messages, the app will automatically provide us with the contacts of a different person in the prospect company
  • New integrations with more outreach tools and other tools

These functionalities won’t just make it easier to run outbound campaigns, but they’ll enable you to let them run on ‘autopilot’. Meaning that it can significantly simplify key processes inside outbound marketing departments and lead generation agencies.

If you want to test our app, you can do it completely for free. In your package you get 50 email contacts to prospects that you pick in our app, all for free, but app access is limited to 7 days.

All of our users also receive free 30-days of access to Woodpecker.co (a special bit of extra from our friends at Woodpecker, since their normal trial is 14 days long). You can sign up for a free account by clicking this link.

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