Simple tool for data research.

Contact data to decision makers in companies of your choice.

Build list of decision makers

  • Select location, company size, technology, market and search for the new clients (2 mln companies).
  • Import list of companies to exclude in order to avoid duplicates.
  • Import list of companies you want to reach out.
  • Import list of the lost deals from CRM and reach the current decision makers.

Receive verified data after few hours

  • 3 mln contacts.
  • Searching for the detailed job position (e.g. HR manager) available.
  • Direct e-mail addresses to the cold-mailing campaigns.
  • Links to LinkedIn profiles included.

Start your outreach campaign

  • Easy export to .csv format.
  • Clean company data (no “LLC” etc.).
  • Integration with outreach tool (Woodpecker).

Single solution. Multiple benefits.

Reduce time to acquire customers in scale.

data delivery

Fast data delivery.

RightHello needs only 3 hours to deliver full list of direct contact data to your potential customers.


Close more deals.

Use the RightHello app designed for you to select the target companies and search for the perfect target group. Take advantage of the detailed segmentation based on company size, location, industry, technologies, keywords, and more.

Dedicated consultant

Technical and copywriting support.

Our experts are always ready to help you with technical and copywriting issues.