Product update: 4,6 mln contacts

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Blog/Product update: 4,6 mln contacts

We are happy to announce that we highly increased the number of available companies and contact data in the RightHello application!

In the last few months we were working on expanding our database in two fields:

  • downloading new sources of data;
  • upgrading internal algorithms.

Let’s focus on the second point: upgrading the internal algorithms.

The company’s description

At the beginning, we had only one source of the company’s description – its social profile. The companies that don’t have any, didn’t show up in our application. 

Throughout vacation time, we’ve created the machine learning algorithm that is able to generate the description of the company basing upon its website content. It’s the beta version now, but the results are promising.

Before that, we also didn’t present companies which descriptions were of really bad quality (e.g. “jhjesda adsar cassaa”). Such companies didn’t appear in the app at all. We’ve reviewed these cases and either replaced them with description based on the website information or added information that particular companies just don’t have the description and show them anyway.  

The job titles

In our database, you can search for contacts to people with specific job titles that fit into your target criteria. Among others, we have Management (CEOs, founders, etc.), HR departments, Marketing, etc. The great part of our lists are in English, that’s why we had a problem to find e.g. HR people from Italy as they usually have their job titles in Italian. That’s why we’ve decided to standardize and translate all of them into English.

What is more, we are working on expanding our lists of job titles right now. We don’t do it manually anymore – we’ve created the machine learning algorithm which is being tested and will be available soon. It is looking for similar job positions to the ones which are already in the application.


Since April we’ve increased the number of companies from 1 mln to 1, 7 mln and the number of contacts from 1,7 mln to 4,7 mln. All of them are available for our clients in the RightHello application.

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