Product update: load your list of domains

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Blog/Product update: load your list of domains

During everyday cooperation with our clients, they suggested to us that it will be the great value if they can search for contacts with the companies from their own list. So here it is! RightHello app is opened to every external list of domains! It’s the new feature available in the search tab.

Why do external lists are so useful in outbound sales?

The external list is a list of domains that you gain during online research or your CRM. You can load it to the RightHello application and it will show you available contacts from selected companies. In just a few clicks, you can upload those contacts and start the campaign. Thanks that solution you can save lots of time searching for decision makers and reach out to almost every company in the world.

How you can benefit from it:

  • If you are going to any conference, check the exhibitors on the event’s website. Just collect domains and load to the RightHello application – you will be able to contact them before the event and schedule a business meeting. Just imagine how many people you can connect with your target audience with during one event.
  • If you use the CRM, probably you have lots of lost deals. Just upload those domains to the RightHello app and it will deliver you the current decision makers to those companies. You will be able to renew the contact and business meeting. Notice that those leads are warmer that cold mailing leads, so you can easily increase the value of your sales funnel.
  • You can find lots of online rankings where your target audience is listed. Some well-known companies like Deloitte, regularly present the fastest growing public or private technology companies. Just collect those domains and upload to the app.

How to load the list in the RightHello app:

  1. Click the button in the search tab
  1. Paste your list of domains (or upload the .csv file).

    3. See companies we have contact to in the search tab

Hope you like our new feature and take advantage from the external list.

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