Everything starts with a good product. Unconditionally.

Generate qualified leads, gather valuable data or just create a personalized sales campaign
within your network. It all depends on you.

Lead Generation

Extremely powerful, especially when entering a new market or looking for B2B opportunities and new clients outside your current network. Here’s how it works:

  • First, we analyze your target market to find the ideal companies to approach with the use of advanced segmentation based on industry, location, technology, website traffic, team size and more.
  • Then, with powerful search algorithms and our research team, we collect verified contact information to the decision makers in the chosen companies.
  • Now we create a personalized Email Campaign at scale with unique and creative content that increases engagement.
  • Finally, we deliver sales conversations with the decision makers to your inbox, so you can spend more time on closing deals instead of looking for them.

Outbound Campaign

An effective way to close your lost deals or engage your current clients with unique and creative content that converts.

  • Bring lost clients back to your sales funnel by hyper-personalized outbound campaigns with unique content designed by our Lead Generation Experts.
  • Do not send outbound sales emails like newsletters. Integrate campaigns with your mailbox resulting in one-on-one communication.
  • Never stop optimizing. RightHello uses real Lead Generation Experts and machine learning algorithms to sort and analyze responses.

Client Discovery

Develop precise and quality prospect lists, looking for hard-to-find details on specific people from particular companies.

  • Find the key people you need to reach, at any organization with fresh data updated on demand, pulled from many sources across the web.
  • Create a prospect list in days, not months, with a database of 5 million companies and its decision makers.
  • Target your prospects using basic criteria such as company name. Go advanced tracking technologies, the number of employees and more.

Data Enrichment

Essential aid in updating, clearing and enriching local databases or CRM systems.

  • Check existing CRM data for correctness and remove invalid records.
  • Enrich the contacts within your Automation Software with quality assured, custom data points.
  • Fill in the missing data with our skilled digital researchers who find and verify data that cannot be identified by software alone.