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You don’t have to be a fortune-teller to know that the future lies in automation. There have been dozens of apps that can support the efforts of your sales team. Here are some of the most interesting and useful tools that will facilitate the work of your sales reps.

Automation = improvement

Salespeople spend only ⅓ of their time actually making sales, which is something we discussed in our August post. Most of their attention goes to admin work – filling out the CRM, analyzing data, and arranging meetings.

You may be worried that automation of non-sales activities will make you lose control over them and render them less effective, but nothing could be further from the truth. Thanks to these changes you’ll be able to work smarter and faster, which also means more efficiently.

The best sales automation tools are:

#1 Leadboxer

If lead qualification at your company is currently done by salespeople, Leadboxer comes to the rescue. Thanks to its advanced algorithms, the software analyzes and shares insights on your website visitors in real-time. Leadboxer not only provides information about leads, it also automates their qualification.

#2 Leadspace

Just as Leadboxer, Leadspace is an automated lead scoring tool facilitating contact with the most promising potential clients. The system analyzes and predicts the probability of closing a sale. Leadspace analyzes user behavior on-site and then assesses whether it matches the tendency to buy a product or service. Thanks to Leadspace your sales team can improve its conversion rate, as well as quickly and efficiently close deals.

#3 SalesAutopilot

CRM, e-commerce, and email all in one place – SalesAutopilot. The platform helps you draw up personalized PDF documents, send emails and texts, and combines all of this with automated modules collecting sales data. Your sales reps can trim down the time they spend on admin tasks and clicking through several apps at least by a half.

#4 Geckoboard

Real-time reporting allows you to not spend any more of your precious minutes on sending spreadsheets back and forth. Using Geckoboard you no longer have to open tens of emails to look up the current team results. Transaction statuses, salespeople’s efficiency and their results, as well as goals can all be displayed on a single screen. The software allows you to display various factors and/or KPIs in a single dashboard.

#5 Calendly

Forget about arranging meetings the traditional way. This tool allows your team to plan its entire schedule automatically. They can share their availability using a Calendly link in emails or post it directly on a website. Potential clients can select the date and time of the meeting or phone call without you having to arrange all the details. Calendly can be integrated with Outlook or Google calendar as well.

#6 FollowupCC

The tool links with other planner apps and keeps tabs on your emails. It lets salespeople add notes to contact lists so that they have the most crucial information about clients at their fingertips. Moreover, FollowupCC lets sales reps see if their messages were opened, or even set automated follow-ups in case the recipient didn’t bother with the original message. This app can save a lot of the team’s time and manage its calendar.

#7 Salesloft

This tool allows you to generate lists of potential clients, including additional information. It’s integrated with LinkedIn and can be installed in the browser. How does it work? You ask your virtual assistant to draw up a list of companies and positions you’re interested in and it produces a document including concrete contacts according to your guidelines. In other words, the Salesloft app seeks potential clients for you.

view of salesloft

#8 Saleshood

Regular team training sessions are an indispensable element of a sales director’s duties. Designing the exercises is a time-consuming process. Instead of having to come up with new stuff each and every time, use Saleshood. The tool helps independent sales teams work together and share best practices. Thanks to the pre-designed templates and gamification, Saleshood allows you to set up educational courses in a way which makes them attractive to participants. This makes the work of a sales manager significantly easier, but at the same time, renders the training more appealing to team members. That’s a win-win.

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