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Combining data, strategy, and human insight forms the core of the work that we do here at RightHello. With plentiful expertise in generating leads and fueling the email and digital marketing powers of our clients, we thrive on helping our clients and their businesses succeed.

top b2b companies in poland

We are very excited to share that business insight firms Clutch and The Manifest have recently taken note of our growth and successes. Last week, Clutch ranked RightHello as one of the top email marketing companies in Poland with over 2,000 firms in this category. Clutch’s sister website, The Manifest, also named us as one of Poland’s top internet marketing agencies for 2018. The Leader’s Matrix below highlights our position as a market leader on Clutch’s platform. The matrix maps out different service providers based on their industry and ability to deliver.

matrix market leaders

Our team is very proud of all that we have achieved on behalf of our clients, and this recognition from The Manifest and Clutch solidify the success of our expertise and experience. With various qualitative and quantitative aspects of our operations and approach evaluated, such as our client satisfaction, market presence, and prior experience, Clutch ensures that their research on companies is as thorough as possible. We truly appreciate being spotlighted as a top email and internet marketing company.


RightHello also wants to highlight some feedback that our clients have shared about our involvement and results. We value each opportunity that we have had to collaborate with our clients on different campaigns and projects, and love to hear that our impact on businesses has sustained beyond the duration of our original partnership.

“RightHello generated a constant stream of leads and contacts per month and the client’s cost per lead has dropped and quality of leads has risen. The team adheres to the demands set to them. They are responsive to the reported issues and have a fast turnaround time,” shared one client.

“Their email marketing is very precise, strict, and focused. They have a strong engineering team and developed their own marketing automation tool with a front-end, that we have access to so we know what’s going on,” detailed another. “Everyone I talk to is happy with their services.”

We welcome you to connect with us for details about our work or if you wish to pursue a partnership with us. RightHello is always excited to share our expertise and help clients better their businesses, and we look forward to getting in touch soon!

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