An easy 6-step guide for finding new clients for your IT company

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Finding new customers is always a hard nut to crack, especially for IT companies. Indeed, even though IT is a fast developing industry, the market is already overcrowded and there aren’t enough potential buyers for the type of services offered.

As a result, the challenge can be so tough, that many IT companies just dig into their closest network or they just take advantage from referrals to get more new clients for their business.

Would you still do it, if I tell you that there is another effective way to acquire more customers and expand your network at the same time?

Use these hacks to get new clients for your IT company:


It might sound trite, but that’s one of the main reasons why your wallet is still not bursting with cash.

“Think about [business as if it was] a game of darts: You have to aim in order to hit the board. If you let your darts go without aiming them, you probably won’t be very popular. If you hit the board, you score. And if your aim is very good and you hit the bull’s eye, even better!” Susan Critton

It’s the same with your business. If you want to get new clients, you gotta hit that board, in other words, you must ensure you are talking to the right people. How to do it?

1.Double-check your target by auditing your 5-10 top customers, that is those clients:

  • who bring you the most of the cash
  • with whom you have the best relationship
  • who are loyal and who have been with you for a long time

2.Analyze what these clients have in common and highlight the distinctive features of these businesses. Such features will help you understand the kind of company you really need to look for.

In case this is not enough, try to answer these questions. They will help you further clear up your mind:

  • In what city, state or country is my client located?
  • What is the industry he operates in?
  • How much revenue should he be generating?
  • How big of a team should he have?
  • What does he spend money on?
  • What are his business challenges?
  • What technology, connected to my services, is he supposed to use?
  • What are the market segments using the technology we adopted the most?


Humans are inherently ambitious and this is good. However, are you sure that targeting big sharks in over-crowded waters is a good choice for your IT business?

I understand your dream is to rock the world with your ground-breaking solution, but targeting relevant companies in popular markets – the US and the UK for instance – might hurt both your sales and the health of your company.

Learn, instead, that it’s better to go local before going global. More info about the advantages of targeting your local market here.

Once you feel ready to expand, do it carefully and gradually:

  • Open up to your neighboring countries. For example, if you’re based in Poland, you can start approaching Baltic Countries, Germany.
  • Open up to new developing markets such as Israel, Hong-Kong or Malaysia. They have financial resources and… drum roll… little competition in the IT branch – the perfect pair I’d say 😉


1.If you wanna do it manually, I recommend you use:

  • Plug-ins for finding information about users visiting your website.
    It’s an easy way to get the emails of the people who are potentially interested in your solution.
  • Stand-alone prospecting software.
    It allows you to define your target group using customized filters.
    This helps you find prospects’ contacts, according to the parameters you have chosen.

2. If you wanna be sure to hit the bull’s eye, you should consider trying a live-updated database combined with experts’ support, that is what RightHello has to offer. Our constantly updated software contains more than 5 million companies and it enables you to customize your research according to your customer profile. Indeed, you can use these filters to be sure you reach out only to high qualified leads:

  • the type of company
  • the market they operate in
  • the location
  • the company size
  • the technology they use for their website
  • the social profiles they have
  • the year they were founded

Once you select the companies, the research team will look for their decision maker’s contact details.

In case of IT companies, we found out that usually, the right person they should talk to is the CTO – as he can judge with expertise the value of your solution for his company. ..


Consider using cold emailing to get in touch with your target. It’s easy to scale up, time-efficient, visually appealing and cheaper compared to other lead gen strategy. Moreover, it allows personalizing the content of your message – a smart move in the B2B market.

If you’re an IT company, you can grab potential customers’ attention with cold emails by:

  • Showing your unique value:
    Don’t use silly hooks like “We are fast, cheap and better!”. Focus instead on the concrete advantages you can deliver with your solution, for example: “We can optimize the [type] process by [… %]. Check here [hyperlink to case studies] how we could successfully help clients such [examples]”.
  • Using a simple language:
    It’s not easy, I know, but you have to be concise. Try to imagine you need to explain what you do to a 7-year-old kid. In this way, you can, for sure, learn how to sound clear even for people not connected to tech.
  • Addressing your potential client in a personal and direct way:
    Show that you know what their pains are and that you have a solution to solve them. Your service can make their work easier and faster.
  • Being very original:
    Make your email fun and outstanding using puns, humor, GIFs or pics, nobody likes off-the-shelf and boring messages, especially your next potential client.
  • Using CTA:
    Your email might be fancy, but if don’t use a call-to-action, hardly he will get back to you. Give them a reason to do so.
  • Iterating:
    If you wanna get that lead you gotta be constant and send weekly reminders. Plus, don’t be scared to hunt your prey and don’t be afraid to be intrusive, that’s how successful cold emailing works.

Apply these hacks and you’ll start receiving your first positive reactions 😉

If still a greenhorn about cold emailing, you can learn how to deliver a well-structured campaign here or you can simply check out some fancy cold email templates.


When they answer your cold email, you can kickstart your game of strategy and eventually close a deal.

Here some tips that can help you get more clients at this stage:

  • Hit the time and be present:
    Don’t let your deal slip out. If you get an email from your potential customer, try to send him a reply as soon as possible. Stay focused and don’t let time pass. Otherwise, the chances of losing his interest will increase.
    If you wanna be able to provide a prompt reply at any time, you should consider using a work phone. Carry it with you and increase the probability of closing a deal email by email, call by call.
  • Schedule a Skype call or a meeting:
    When you get an email from a potential client, bring the conversation to the next level. Try to arrange a Skype call or a meeting. Only in this way, you can show how the solution practically works.
  • Use simple words:
    When you try to explain your solution, do it a nutshell. Be short and strict. If you talk for 30 minutes with super complicated sentences, they won’t follow you, or worse, they could think your service is too complicated to be purchased.
  • Don’t be scared to chase them:
    Sales are about talking, convincing, following-up. If you don’t hunt your potential customers, you don’t close deals, as simple as that.
    If you had a call with a potential client and he didn’t get back to you, keep persisting. Send reminder emails or try to call him, on weekly basis, until you get and answer – whether it’s a yes, a maybe, or a no. Never abandon your lead halfway through just because it sounds tough.

In case you run a small company and you still do sales yourself, give a try to these hacks and feel more comfortable when talking to potential customers.

Still wanting more sales tips? Check this out 😉


If you wanna increase the chances of getting more clients for your business, consider giving a shot also to:

    They can be a goldmine for finding juicy sales opportunities. So, pick an industry event which may appeal your target audience. Make sure your potential customers are going to attend the conference – check the list of attendees, or have a look at its Facebook event page. And last but not least, prepare a list of people you want to talk to and set up meetings with them around 3 weeks before the event. Remember to use cold emails to approach your prospects, like SoftwareMill successfully did – on average they managed to schedule around 20 business meeting during each conference!
    Even though you work in the IT industry and most of the procedures with customers are handled on-line, a face-to-face approach can be really effective as well. If you are going on a business trip, take it as a chance to directly meet your potential customers located in that specific area and its surroundings. And once again, you can use cold-emails to schedule meetings with potential customers.
    Inbound tactics behave like a hook. Indeed, they help you grab customer’s attention and make them interested in what you offer. Develop valuable content, spread it on the Internet and increase to considerably increase the chances of getting fresh leads. How? Wrap up your knowledge and funnel it through different tools like, for example, blog, case study, ebook, infographics, podcasts, SlideShare, webinar, videos, templates, kits, checklists, cheat sheets, visual content etc. Then, use your website, social media accounts, and newsletter to effectively deliver your content to the audience.

good luck with customers

This is all you need to find your next juicy customers for your IT company. So… give these hacks a try for your own good and let me know {} if they work well also for your business!

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